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For the love of words

Just wanted to draw your attention to this site and the above link in particular. The subject is  something close to my heart and which dovetails nicely with the concept for my educational fiction series (The Picaresque of Imagine Purple, aka The Imasodes).

One concept I used for readers of my series is visual cues, like font changes and symbols, to stimulate their brains and plant subtle seeds for future research. Secondly, I hoped to inspire a love of words in others which I learned from reading books, and you guessed it, pouring over big heavy dictionaries. Along with character biographies and research suggestions, each story includes Appendices with alphabetical lists of vocabulary and idioms where I expect readers’ eyes to wander over multiple definitions.

Furthermore, as readers see characters engage in wordplay, like having fun with new words and pronunciations, I hope they begin to take risks and creative license in their own conversations and writing.

Have Fun. Get Smarter.™

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