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My First Book Cover

This is so exciting! 🙂 This story introduces readers to an amateur sleuth with carrot-colored hair and simultaneously kicks off my educational fiction series. I’ve talked about her and lived with her for years; along the way, I’ve shared her with several of you, and now it’s almost time for others to meet her!

The simple cover reveals my main character, Ima Purple. Maybe you can detect a hint of 1969 style? In the first story, readers will meet Ima. She is an intelligent young woman with an imagination that knows no bounds; still, she has a lot to learn.

A seemingly ordinary train ride is only the beginning of an extraordinary adventure.  I’ve completed 10 episodes already, and the characters have taken on lives of their own! I hope the readers get to know Ima’s character and stay with her. I’m confident they will gain valuable lessons about the world and themselves as Ima’s travels unfold.

As some of you already know, the first two books of my history/mystery series, The Picaresque of ĂŤmagine Purple, are currently in production. I am so grateful for the encouragement, enthusiasm, prayers, understanding and support along the way. The publishing process is quite laborious. So much editing and development behind the scenes, it really feels like I’m about to have a baby. After all the years of preparation and nine months of waiting, I’m looking forward to holding her in my own hands.

This is the book cover for The Last Passenger Train Across Newfoundland, the first episode (or Imasode if you’re a fan).

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