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Incredible Year Ends at a Cliff

Moving from a foreign country, down-sizing my home, resolving a 10-year old accident case, and having two books in the publishing process within one year have made me feel like an apprentice royal wedding planner. I am stretched thin in my energy, a bit broke in my pocketbook, but not yet bankrupt in my spirit.

Staying positive usually serves me well during dramatic life changes, but sometimes using negative terms actually strengthens my focus. I am neither a physical cliff dweller nor a fiscal cliff jumper; so for my personality type, depression is not an option (pun intended). Still lately, I must admit to feeling buffaloed which accurately expresses my mood towards 2012 events. Now, I have nailed down some reasons.

The election: Adults learn to live with disappointment over their candidate losing. Yet, with so much at stake, this year’s defeat was more than not winning an Olympic title or a scholastic prize. It felt more like a groom who does not win his true love’s hand in marriage and then contemplates jumping off a physical cliff.

The budget: Children are taught to divide their allowance into envelopes with a dollar in each for getting pencils, donating at church, sharing a treat, buying a toy, and saving for a rainy day. So, if children can learn this discipline, why can’t lawmakers? After all, they swear to uphold the Constitution which requires an annual budget. Maybe the word “budget” has metamorphosed into a new species or was misspelled as the word “credit.” It has the same number of letters; so, maybe it does the same thing, right?

Our honor: We have let language become so fluid, making our words meaningless and a man’s bond worthless. Perhaps our representatives and senators have grown skilled at “interpreting” themselves out of every difficult dilemma by changing the meaning of the word “is.” Perhaps we need to put them back on the “envelope system” until they relearn the word “no” when the revenue tank signals “empty.”

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