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Detroit area still holds my heart

At a recent dinner, an old friend who taught college for 30 years at Eastern Michigan in Ypsilanti announced his new volunteer project for helping teachers in a local Michigan school. He regularly takes from the classroom a group that needs special attention. He seemed pleased that I offered him books from my educational fiction series The Picaresque of Imagine Purple to use in his efforts and particularly liked the magnifying glasses to give each student who finishes both IMA I & II.

Then I saw my illustrator Rick Ritts who has done all the maps forĀ  Ima Purple Series. We needed a face to face meeting for IMA X – From Piraeus to Paris to the Pyrenees. It highlights three locations because the series has grown more complex to keep the interest of readers who have grown along with it.

Then I reconnected with Rebecca Ensign, an editor with whom I worked for 8 years. As well as helping writers through the publishing maze, she now heads up an organization called Help Teach Your Children. She has experienced some of the downside of the city but still champions it as a worthwhile place.

Because private efforts excite me more than public ones, I also contacted a literacy agency in Grosse Pointe how my series might help groom students for success in academics.



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