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What Readers of Ímagine Purple Are Saying:

“This story is far beyond what I thought. It kept me on pins and needles. These new bios help readers understand the characters, especially why Vanna is a high-class thief. I felt sorry for Brady in prison. While Cal should wear a different cologne, Shelton needs to get rid of his jealousy and take a nice long nap.”
Avery consumed first 9 books and said “they were like movies.”
— Avery (Virginia, helped from age 11 until graduation)

“I worried about Lionel when taken hostage by the Pollibos. My favorite character was Brady Bee. I loved when he chased Cal on foot and actually caught him in the truck. My favorite part was when Ima talked to Detective Bailey about the weaponry and the types of bullets used in different guns in the crime.” This boy reader read 9 episodes and created the term Imasodes.”
— Collin (Maine, helped from age 10 until graduation)

“I read the first book of The Picaresque of Ímagine Purple and have come to like Vanna the most. We are very similar because I like to be in control and get all fixed up. I was aware that the story became a mystery when Ima found Vanna’s purse in the restroom.”
— Ashley (Tennessee, age12)

“You may ask what picaresque means? As a not-so-young reader, I asked the same question. It is defined in the book as ‘adventure where the hero travels all over and meets many rascals.’ So now you know.”
— Julie (Tennessee, too old to tell)

“I can’t wait to start reading Imasode II: The Scary Ferry to Nova Scotia.”
— Ryleigh (Texas, 10)

“I write books too, and yours are really neat.”
— Reece (Tennessee, 9)

“After finishing the first Imasode, I grew excited about the potential of the series. Students like getting involved with characters who reappear in different stories. The exciting and fast-paced adventures surely will hold the attention of readers in middle school grades and beyond.”
— Tahnya Sherwood (Georgia, elementary library media specialist)

“I’ve started reading the books and LOVE them! I feel like I have a better vocabulary but am entertained with the history mystery aspect.”
— Kaylee (Atlanta area middle schooler)

“I’m already reading the first book! Ímagine is such a neat character. I’m so lucky to have the books autographed.”
— Bonny (Florida, age 11)

Early on, such comments as the above let me know that an audience definitely exists for a mystery series in the form of an old fashioned picaresque. These wholesome, realistic, kid-safe books also bring nostalgic entertainment to adults, especially non-traditional students brushing up on their vocabulary and general knowledge before applying to college.

IMASODE  I:   Last Passenger Train Across Newfoundland
IMASODE II:  The Scary Ferry to Nova Scotia
IMASODE III: Mary Jane of Canton, Maine
IMASODE  IV: Mayhem in Manhattan
IMASODE V:    Anti-Belle of Antebellum Atlanta

You can buy IMASODES I-IV through Tate Publishing, Amazon, and B&N. IMASODE V can be bought through Tate until its public release in May. You might also ask your local library if it has the series yet.

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