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As Halloween Nears, Christmas Deniers Arise

Each year the Pagans come out of their dark places to celebrate their special holiday of Halloween on October 31st.  Somehow their misguidance transforms into a season of wanting to deny Christians the right to use December 25th as Christmas, as if a certain group could not use that 24-hour period for a private meaning. And yet, each year Pagans seem to declare the whole winter solstice as their exclusive property. We know this about them and wonder what level of arrogance led them to such spiritual error over an annual cosmic event, an event is out of their control and which comes despite their devotion or their opinions. Just such a recent Facebook discussion stimulated my response.

The actual date is not the point. December 25th is a chosen day of celebration, not a confirmation of the date of Emmanuel’s birth. No one knows that date nor the day of His conception, the same as no one knows where Moses is buried.

Even so, some Pagans claim to be scholars but yet must make their case with condescension and insults. Don’t they know archeology continues to validate the Bible which holds only “those facts” needed to declare the truth about Christ, the path to God. The rest is in wind. Perhaps these self-proclaimed researchers have studied Arianism, Manichaeism, Pelegianism, or Gnosticism, all heresies bent on denying the divinity of Christ and even His existence. From time to time these heresies poke their heads up to stir unbelief. Still, Jesus’s life with its message of salvation from judgment of sin can’t be erased. It pervades art, music, philosophy, architecture, education, and missions. It has inspired life-risking adventures to distant lands and taught freedom-loving people to embrace others different from themselves.

The Age of Enlightenment tried to snuff Jesus from the pages of history but failed because its promoters never understood that the gift of faith comes from above and lands on the humble soul. Faith is a mystery that drops clues into the  hearts of true believers and brings a power that testifies to the truth that, “He that liveth in me is greater than he who lives in the world.”

There is nothing new about Pagans rejecting Jesus or wanting to deny the Christ-mass. They love to dredge up “A-ha” moments: the Crusades, unresearched or unreasonably bent and sympathetic toward Moslems; and the Inquisition, an admittedly corrupt era of the Roman church gone awry.  However, those moments do not represent the total of church history. In fact, the more shame or criticism heaped on from the other side, the more God’s true message stings unbelievers. “For in our weakness, He is made strong.” All unbelievers actually fulfill prophecy by their criticism, doubt, and desire to eliminate Jesus and Christians from the public forum. Ultimate success will not go to naysayers. Both Pharaoh and Belshazzar fulfilled prophecy, so scripture and history record their demises.

So, thank you Pagans for unwittingly falling into His plan. The more you gather in random groups standing in circles calling for more secret knowledge from the unknown dark powers to defeat Christians, the more you come under bondage of those dark powers. And to your dismay, the Light of Christ will shine brighter. I say these things not to offend you but to baffle you because they seem incongruous to logic. However, I’ve seen the hate of witches who came to my church to defeat what they hated. I’ve seen worms oozing from the legs of a witch and witnessed the seduction of weak people coming under witches’ grip. Pagans seem to suffer ignorance or feelings of exclusion from what they do not comprehend, feeling leading them to fear and hate goodness.

Christians invite all unbelievers to the joy, peace, glory, reconciliation, forgiveness, and freedom from error about Christmas. Thank God that Jesus Christ, the Savior of the World, does not reject the rejectors of His special day. May they enjoy Christmas on a new level; and may God bless them in their continued “honest” search and research of truth. “Ask and you shall receive…. Seek and ye shall find….” Search out God “with all of your heart, soul, and mind.” Selah (a word that means “Think on this”).

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