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The Imasodes


Meet ImaWritten primarily for entertainment and enrichment purposes, the history-mystery series takes place during 1969-1970, a time of historical importance. Real life events inspired the fictional adventure. In proper picaresque form, Ima Purple travels the globe, crossing paths with rogues and rowdy characters who attempt to foil her plans and righteous ways. Divided into geographical episodes I’ve renamed “Imasodes”,  the series yields a wealth of knowledge, enriching the lives of all who travel along with Ima. My intent is to provide an alternative to electronic games, animated cartoons, action heroes, fantasy stories, and even traditional book formats. The focus is on entertainment, educational value, character study and understanding of current cultural issues. For more information about The Picaresque of Ímagine Purple, go to


Adventures include:

  1. On a train across Newfoundland, Ima figures out who has planned a robbery.
  2. On a ferry to Nova Scotia, she discovers a plot to kill the ship’s captain.
  3. In Maine, she gets mixed up with some smugglers of contraband.
  4. In New York, gangsters trick her father into a crooked card game.
  5. In Atlanta, she reinvestigates a crime blamed on an innocent young man.
  6. In Detroit, she is kidnapped by a gangster who also shoots at her father.
  7. In Estonia, she delivers an artificial heart device but gets thrown into a KGB jail.
  8. In London, she witnesses the consequences of a second attempt on her father’s life.
  9. In Germany, she learns about Nazism, the Reformation, and ancient artifacts.
  10. In Greece and France, she pokes her nose into political and religious rebellion.
  11. Flying over the Atlantic, her plane gets hijacked; and she fears landing in Cuba.
  12. In Louisiana and Texas, she rejoins known characters who have told big lies.
  13. In Nevada, she learns the secret of the Lost Sheepherders Gold Mine.
  14. In Washington, she encounters a haunted house and an environmental dilemma.
  15. In Hawaii, she and Sammy meet and rest: he from the war; she from a shipwreck.
  16. In India, she receives the worst and best news of her life.


I’ve taught fourth graders and adults who barely function at fourth grade level. Learning is a part of life. My concept started to form around the idea that some people read to have fun and some read to get smarter. I said “Why choose?” To get others interested in lifelong learning, I decided I could use my own love of words to inform while I my amuse audience. And so began… The Picaresque of Ímagine Purple.


Rich with language and history, the series is an ideal self-paced learning tool for readers 10 years and beyond. The adventures reveal large and small mysteries abounding with flawed characters. For those who want to get smarter, there are maps, biographies, and vocabulary words associated with each Imasode. Everyone enjoys learning but “entertaining” rarely describes textbooks. Incidental learning develops a broad knowledge base for readers at multiple levels. Ima enthusiasts include homeschoolers, pre-college students, parents, K-12 educators, adult education instructors and literacy advocates.

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