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As one who writes to express my thoughts, as many writers do, I have finally convinced myself to join the blogging masses. With simple intent to share what is on my mind or information about my recent projects, I hope to get others thinking about various issues for which I have great concern. Through these musings of a fledgling blogger, maybe I will connect with like-minded individuals…possibly impact those with similar interests. I am all ears.

Having lived in almost every region of the U.S., I have been influenced by all types of people. It could be said that I present as equal parts introverted writer and hand-waving thespiantraditional conformist and creative free thinker,  dedicated student and passionate teacher.

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Though described as independent and strong-willed, I find myself undeniably “owned” by an eight pound cat.

Currently I am involved in the massive, yet satisfying, undertaking of writing an educational fiction series around a character named Ímagine Purple. Born of my mission “to promote literacy, life skills and lifelong learning,” it is a history/mystery series for which the research is intensive, the goal, extensive.  I often refer to it as The Imasodes, in lieu of its full title: The Picaresque of Ímagine Purple. See or

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  1. joseph bwanah

    It’s a good work worth noting, continue and extend the same to Kenyan children (Bondo.

    Easy to read books and motivational books for both the children and adults

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