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Critical Thinking

Summer Readers Stay Smart with the Picaresque’s Incidental Learning

When school lets out, textbooks get sold, turned back in, or shelved at home to collect dust. However, summer brings special readers who want a freer atmosphere full of fun but that keeps them smart and alert. Fortunately, summer provides the leisure time for just such incidental and accidental learning. Parents know that series readers […]

Writing Workshop for Detroit Middle Schoolers at Elmwood Park Library

On August 18th, Elmwood Park Branch of the Detroit Public Library System held a workshop for young writers aged 10-14 to learn more about “How to Turn Your Adventures into Stories.” Beth Fine, Tennessee author of the middle school mystery series Picaresque of Ímagine Purple, taught the workshop. Wanting attendees to grasp how observation is […]

A Good Read Drives You to New Locations

A good read comes in different packages depending on a reader’s taste. For a good read, a reader will likely choose his favorite type of book. A good read may be a beach book, a Harlequin romance, or even a self-help tome for the reader to scan while getting a tan. A good read may […]

Clandestine Christmas (Jõulud)

BOOK COVER – IMASODE VII – 9781682071458C – final Click the above link to see Ima and Riina in a KGB jail portended by an ominous knock on the door at the end of this excerpt from IMASODE VII: Escapades in Estonia BACKGROUND TO A CHRISTMAS IN ESTONIA: Riina’s Uncle Eerik had become a Lutheran […]

As Halloween Nears, Christmas Deniers Arise

Each year the Pagans come out of their dark places to celebrate their special holiday of Halloween on October 31st.  Somehow their misguidance transforms into a season of wanting to deny Christians the right to use December 25th as Christmas, as if a certain group could not use that 24-hour period for a private meaning. […]

Civil Rights Notes from IMASODE VI

Excerpted from supplementary information in the Appendices / Lookup Suggestions of IMASODE VI: Danger Starts in Detroit. Righteous Reasons for the Civil Rights Movement: In the 1960s some unknown champions heralded the most important and positive change of the times: the Civil Rights Movement. Unfortunately, this critical social phenomenon occurred almost concurrently to the hippie/peace […]

Teen Literature and Culture

Lately, I’ve grown concerned over the alphabetical canon of fiction being read by teens: aliens, demons, dragons, fairytale, fantasy, monsters, occult, vampires, witches, wizards, and zombies. Although we all get stuck in a “fun” genre from time to time, I wonder if the above list may somehow separate future adults from the reality, discernment, and […]

Thinking about Positive Thinking

As the author of the Picaresque of Ímagine Purple, I have a few characters  that tend to go blithely into a positive mindset about everything, often without caution or critical thinking. I’m torn between remolding them or giving them free rein. Responsibly handling characters is quite a balancing act. Selah.   When I was in […]

Criticism and its Kissing Cousin, Bullying

Criticism vs. Critique vs. Critical Thinking Dorothy Law Nolte wrote an adage that remains true, “If a child lives with criticism, he learns to condemn.” Before Ímagine grew up to become a young teacher-turned-detective and the heroine of The Picaresque of Ímagine Purple, she was just a kid living in Manhattan and did not know […]