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Clandestine Christmas (Jõulud)

BOOK COVER – IMASODE VII – 9781682071458C – final Click the above link to see Ima and Riina in a KGB jail portended by an ominous knock on the door at the end of this excerpt from IMASODE VII: Escapades in Estonia BACKGROUND TO A CHRISTMAS IN ESTONIA: Riina’s Uncle Eerik had become a Lutheran […]

What Readers of Ímagine Purple Are Saying:

“This story is far beyond what I thought. It kept me on pins and needles. These new bios help readers understand the characters, especially why Vanna is a high-class thief. I felt sorry for Brady in prison. While Cal should wear a different cologne, Shelton needs to get rid of his jealousy and take a […]

Teen Literature and Culture

Lately, I’ve grown concerned over the alphabetical canon of fiction being read by teens: aliens, demons, dragons, fairytale, fantasy, monsters, occult, vampires, witches, wizards, and zombies. Although we all get stuck in a “fun” genre from time to time, I wonder if the above list may somehow separate future adults from the reality, discernment, and […]

New Mystery Series

Plenty of new history mystery books scream out to be written. For instance, although many books about the Titanic have analyzed known facts, other mysteries remain open for probing and speculation by historical fiction writers. Beyond the vain promotion of Titanic as an unsinkable vessel, many questions still exist over why this cutting-edge cruise ship […]

Incredible Year Ends at a Cliff

Moving from a foreign country, down-sizing my home, resolving a 10-year old accident case, and having two books in the publishing process within one year have made me feel like an apprentice royal wedding planner. I am stretched thin in my energy, a bit broke in my pocketbook, but not yet bankrupt in my spirit. […]

The Punctuation Police

I’ve heard of the Secret Police, Thought Police, Language Police and Fashion Police, but I had no idea there was an underground squad of Punctuation Police! My son-in-law follows and even posted to a site called Apostrophe Catastrophes where ordinary people upload photos of blatant apostrophe misuse. Check it out— Alas, in todays’ world w’hen […]

My First Book Cover

This is so exciting! 🙂 This story introduces readers to an amateur sleuth with carrot-colored hair and simultaneously kicks off my educational fiction series. I’ve talked about her and lived with her for years; along the way, I’ve shared her with several of you, and now it’s almost time for others to meet her! The simple cover […]

What’s in a name? (My two cents about Rap)

RAP: Everyone has an opinion, so here’s mine… As much as I enjoy Ice Tea on Law and Order, understand his show-biz savvy to exploit his notoriety to the hilt, and admire his idea of rap competitions to get kids involved with words, I would appreciate his putting a “d” on his name (Iced Tea) […]

Icebergs as Metaphor

The Titanic, the biggest, most well-thought-out ship ever to hit the seas, struck an iceberg and sank one hundred years ago, today. Navigators knew icebergs formed a hazard, especially in the spring. But, somehow, even with all the safeguards of the latest technical equipment and the expertise of seasoned seaman, it still went down within […]

No Ordinary Man

Today commemorates the day Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) died in 1945. My additional studies about the Great Depression, Public Works Administration, and World War II makes me think I understand more why my parents never championed President Roosevelt, his programs or his vision. They did not agree with the concept that government had all the […]