Beth Fine

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Why do I have a disclaimer?

Why have I put a disclaimer on my stories? Why, because I want to speak freely. Philosophically, I believe that exposure to the world is inevitable for our precious progeny. Within boundaries of safety, we want them to learn that peer pressure, following the crowd, and cultural input alone cannot yield the refined individual God […]

Johnny (Still) Can’t Read

Remember the adage Johnny Can’t Read. Honestly, Janie did little better? Baffling as it was, we still have the same problem … only the names have changed. We now produce Kristins and Kevins…Keishas and Kyles…Kellys and Kennys…Kendras and Kalebs who still cannot read! Degreed educational doctors and curriculum specialists annually wrestle over new acronyms to […]

“We Don’t Need No Education”

Pink Floyd’s prophecy of “We Don’t Need No Education” has played out in reality out over the last four decades. Now, when I consider what has happened in American public education is mirrored in England as well, the song may actually be sadly prophetic. What struts around calling itself “academic achievement” I describe as throwing […]

Publisher with potential?!

For joy and hope renewed, my heart leaps with gratitude and wonder at the likely acceptance of not one, but two, of my works. The process will be months in the making. What an amazing Christmas present from the Giver of all good gifts!

Imasode IX is complete!

And onto X… Ima’s latest adventure made me dig deep and it required intensive research, but one reader said he thinks it is the best Imasode yet. His report and encouragement spurs me on, though who am I to stand in the way of super sleuth Ima Purple? She and I have traveled together for […]