Beth Fine

Educational Fiction Author – Serious Thinker – Child at Heart


What Readers of Ímagine Purple Are Saying:

“This story is far beyond what I thought. It kept me on pins and needles. These new bios help readers understand the characters, especially why Vanna is a high-class thief. I felt sorry for Brady in prison. While Cal should wear a different cologne, Shelton needs to get rid of his jealousy and take a […]

More College Remedial Classes

With all the money spent on education, how can we reconcile the sad statistics of results? Increased rates of students dropping out to grim job prospects and rumblings of new employees with diplomas unable to read manuals or write shift reports should wake us up to how far we are falling behind other nations. It […]

My First Book Cover

This is so exciting! 🙂 This story introduces readers to an amateur sleuth with carrot-colored hair and simultaneously kicks off my educational fiction series. I’ve talked about her and lived with her for years; along the way, I’ve shared her with several of you, and now it’s almost time for others to meet her! The simple cover […]

Publisher with potential?!

For joy and hope renewed, my heart leaps with gratitude and wonder at the likely acceptance of not one, but two, of my works. The process will be months in the making. What an amazing Christmas present from the Giver of all good gifts!

Imasode IX is complete!

And onto X… Ima’s latest adventure made me dig deep and it required intensive research, but one reader said he thinks it is the best Imasode yet. His report and encouragement spurs me on, though who am I to stand in the way of super sleuth Ima Purple? She and I have traveled together for […]