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As Halloween Nears, Christmas Deniers Arise

Each year the Pagans come out of their dark places to celebrate their special holiday of Halloween on October 31st.  Somehow their misguidance transforms into a season of wanting to deny Christians the right to use December 25th as Christmas, as if a certain group could not use that 24-hour period for a private meaning. […]

Christian Theatre Conference at Spring Arbor University

While recently in Michigan, I went to the campus of Spring Arbor University (SAU) to attend 3-days of entertaining events held by Dale Savidge, executive director of Christians in Theater Arts (CITA). First came contests for high school theatre students vying for honors with their contrasting monologues, Shakespeare sililoquies, duos/ensemble scenes plus Broadway musical solos/scenes. […]

Meeting “The ‘Nonplussed’ Problem”

An online article called “The ‘Nonplussed’ Problem” by Ben Yagoda peaked my interest like a mountaintop (not piqued so as to anger my audience). Yagoda, a college English professor (probably under the heavy onus to publish… publish …publish) attempted to quantify but not justify the demise of certain words, clichés and syntax. His methodology included […]