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Writing Semi-Secular Plays

As a Christian, I do not write to entertain the saved or to reiterate/confirm/stir up what they already know. Except for some Christmas pageants, Sunday school skits, and one long-researched church history play, I have no current inspiration in that direction but see the excellence of others who do religious productions admirably, in fact much […]

Common Core Curriculum Concerns – Part IV

EMBEDDING Tacked on Difficulty: Embedding Language Arts (ELA) into content is touted by proponents of this curriculum. I couldn’t disagree more and say so multiple times in this report. ELA should be mastered in elementary school to ensure secondary success. I believe to ensure that outcome, language arts deserve adroit separation in earlier grades, giving […]

Concerns about Common Core Curriculum – Part II

Continuation of my entry on May 28th, an entry you may wish to read or re-read to follow the direction of this post. COMPREHENSIVE MINDSETS THAT CAN’T RESIST TAKING OVER Department of Education Persuaded by the National Education Association (NEA) lobbyists, Jimmy Carter approved separating Education from Health, Education & Welfare (HEW) to form a […]

Concerns about Common Core Curriculum – Part I

The national school board creed implies that decisions of a local board should affirm community values. Busy, hard working parents have normally trusted public schools to teach basics and essentials to prepare their precious children for academic success. However, that trust has been overlooked in our county. We have come to a crossroads of “ideology […]

Summer Readers Stay Smart with the Picaresque’s Incidental Learning

When school lets out, textbooks get sold, turned back in, or shelved at home to collect dust. However, summer brings special readers who want a freer atmosphere full of fun but that keeps them smart and alert. Fortunately, summer provides the leisure time for just such incidental and accidental learning. Parents know that series readers […]

Protests Nothing New for Ima Purple

The recent radical protesters at UC, Berkeley and town halls made me realize how often hypocrisy leads a mob from an original complaint to denying freedom of speech to others with differing opinions. That refusal often morphs from uncivil into criminal behaviors. In the following excerpt from the pre-published manuscript of IMASODE X: From Piraeus […]

Educational Fiction Fills Knowledge Gaps

Reading is the door to deepening one’s general knowledge or interest in a particular topic. Most citizen, academic, and practical activities depend on an informed membership who reads proficiently. As an educational fictional author, I have developed a way for juveniles and young adults to improve their reading and comprehension skills through my middle school […]

Writing Through to the Truth – Serious Subjects Demand

Mid 20th century writing guru Mina Shaughnessy taught a maxim: “Write through to the truth.” Her words not only echo in my head as a published author but also haunt me when I have a serious issue to resolve. Along with her wise advice, I have fixated on another principle both in teaching and now […]

Writing Workshop for Detroit Middle Schoolers at Elmwood Park Library

On August 18th, Elmwood Park Branch of the Detroit Public Library System held a workshop for young writers aged 10-14 to learn more about “How to Turn Your Adventures into Stories.” Beth Fine, Tennessee author of the middle school mystery series Picaresque of Ímagine Purple, taught the workshop. Wanting attendees to grasp how observation is […]

Reading for Fun – Are you nuts?

KID: Reading for fun, are you kidding? Those words sound mismatched to me. I’d rather have a tooth pulled than read a book for fun. NEIGHBOR: I hope you brush your teeth a lot so going to the dentist is fun for you. KID: Not really. But, brushing teeth and going to the dentist are […]