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Why Educational Fiction Offers Stepping Stones to Success

The Picaresque of Ímagine Purple is an educational fiction mystery series with Teachable Moments, Grade Level Vocabulary, and Age-Appropriate Topics as the reader matures and progresses through the books. An attentive reader of novels may prefer fictional stories from a wide range of sub-genres: romance, adventure, historical, fantasy. Although that reader may casually learn age-appropriate […]

Clandestine Christmas (Jõulud)

BOOK COVER – IMASODE VII – 9781682071458C – final Click the above link to see Ima and Riina in a KGB jail portended by an ominous knock on the door at the end of this excerpt from IMASODE VII: Escapades in Estonia BACKGROUND TO A CHRISTMAS IN ESTONIA: Riina’s Uncle Eerik had become a Lutheran […]

As Halloween Nears, Christmas Deniers Arise

Each year the Pagans come out of their dark places to celebrate their special holiday of Halloween on October 31st.  Somehow their misguidance transforms into a season of wanting to deny Christians the right to use December 25th as Christmas, as if a certain group could not use that 24-hour period for a private meaning. […]

Each Imasode Mystery Has a Nonsense Scene

In each mystery, Ímagine Purple encounters a scene comprised of pure nonsense such as the excerpt below. As twisted and serious as a mystery can become, before things get clear, they often get very muddy. BACKGROUND: Ima has just escaped from Estonia and is ready for some rest from international intrigue. However, she instead lands […]

Do the issues from my junior & senior high school days differ from those of today?

Although the tag junior high school has morphed into a grade-rearranging-designation called middle school, the scary issues of those years may have gone unchanged, unresolved, and even intensified. Perhaps the lingo and reactions appear different, but early adolescent emotions still run high, especially in 8th grade, the year when kids seem to go bad. Although […]

Will Changing Remedial Classes Bring Victory?

My graduate advisor warned me that teaching developmental English would affect my own writing and spelling. Later on I understood his point when I constantly had to look up words I had known forever. It grew harder and harder to read the daily fare of inane sentences: “The worst/best thing happin to myself was bacuz […]

IMASODE VI: Danger Starts in Detroit – 2nd Excerpt

Hope grows for Brady Bee who, although wrongfully committed to prison for eight years, is released through Ima Purple’s reworking his case during IMASODE V: Anti-Belle of Antebellum Atlanta.  Finally,  he begins his new life in Detroit where his talent gets him an audition at MoTown, but his soft heart toward a young gangster gets […]

Civil Rights Notes from IMASODE VI

Excerpted from supplementary information in the Appendices / Lookup Suggestions of IMASODE VI: Danger Starts in Detroit. Righteous Reasons for the Civil Rights Movement: In the 1960s some unknown champions heralded the most important and positive change of the times: the Civil Rights Movement. Unfortunately, this critical social phenomenon occurred almost concurrently to the hippie/peace […]

What Readers of Ímagine Purple Are Saying:

“This story is far beyond what I thought. It kept me on pins and needles. These new bios help readers understand the characters, especially why Vanna is a high-class thief. I felt sorry for Brady in prison. While Cal should wear a different cologne, Shelton needs to get rid of his jealousy and take a […]


MY BODY Shingles and roof deck haphazardly torn off, Rafters, studs, joist: a big pile of splinters; Yet solid oak planking held out like a treasure – Lifted carefully one-by-one so as to recycle; Old stoves, plumbing tossed aside for a yard sale: They’re cream-puffs, I swear, and need no repair Then Jack Hammer hits […]