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The Punctuation Police

I’ve heard of the Secret Police, Thought Police, Language Police and Fashion Police, but I had no idea there was an underground squad of Punctuation Police! My son-in-law follows and even posted to a site called Apostrophe Catastrophes where ordinary people upload photos of blatant apostrophe misuse. Check it out— Alas, in todays’ world w’hen […]

Twitter and Tweet

I’m trying to get with the program. I (@beth_fine) just joined Twitter and think it will help me be more succinct. I must use all my little gray cells in composition of messages so short! @beth_fine

My First Book Cover

This is so exciting! 🙂 This story introduces readers to an amateur sleuth with carrot-colored hair and simultaneously kicks off my educational fiction series. I’ve talked about her and lived with her for years; along the way, I’ve shared her with several of you, and now it’s almost time for others to meet her! The simple cover […]

What’s in a name? (My two cents about Rap)

RAP: Everyone has an opinion, so here’s mine… As much as I enjoy Ice Tea on Law and Order, understand his show-biz savvy to exploit his notoriety to the hilt, and admire his idea of rap competitions to get kids involved with words, I would appreciate his putting a “d” on his name (Iced Tea) […]

My Pet Peeve

Bar none, my biggest pet peeve is the Misuse of the Nominative, Objective, and Possessive Cases, especially coming from those who should know better! A day rarely goes by that I don’t hear pronoun misuses emitting from professional communicators (newsmen, commentators, radio talk show hosts, and preachers). Their misspeaks continue to surprise me. Surely, these […]

When It Rains It Pours

Simultaneously having a book edited and selling a house in a foreign country feels a bit like cramming for exams, graduating from college, preparing a wedding, having a baby, and losing a loved one all at once. Some of you out there might be aware that I’m in the midst of multiple, yet concurrent life changes. […]

Words Mean Something

OMM: Words do mean something. They either beat out the truth or discourage or incite. A primal beat always incites. Answer = error in answering a thing before you hear it; a soft answer (turneth away wrath) Love = seek the highest good for another, not to make you feel good about yourself Reproofs = […]

Why do I have a disclaimer?

Why have I put a disclaimer on my stories? Why, because I want to speak freely. Philosophically, I believe that exposure to the world is inevitable for our precious progeny. Within boundaries of safety, we want them to learn that peer pressure, following the crowd, and cultural input alone cannot yield the refined individual God […]

Johnny (Still) Can’t Read

Remember the adage Johnny Can’t Read. Honestly, Janie did little better? Baffling as it was, we still have the same problem … only the names have changed. We now produce Kristins and Kevins…Keishas and Kyles…Kellys and Kennys…Kendras and Kalebs who still cannot read! Degreed educational doctors and curriculum specialists annually wrestle over new acronyms to […]

Publisher with potential?!

For joy and hope renewed, my heart leaps with gratitude and wonder at the likely acceptance of not one, but two, of my works. The process will be months in the making. What an amazing Christmas present from the Giver of all good gifts!